hockey culture

“Winning is the science of preparation. Preparation can be defined in 3 words. LEAVE NOTHING UNDONE. No detail is too small. No task is too large. The difference between winning and losing, success and failure, can be the smallest detail.” – Pat Riley (Former NBA Head Coach)

Knights Hockey

The Knights program is a hockey development program for male students grades 9-12. Our program has established itself as one which builds a strong hockey and leadership foundation. Our goal is to build strong young men who will have an impact on their future teams, communities and families.

The Knights approach emphasizes both on and off ice development

On Ice Focus

  • The fundamentals of skill development and execution
  • Development of technical and tactical skills
  • Development of hockey awareness
  • Teaching our players to be competitive, disciplined and to glorify the Lord through hockey
  • 55-60 game schedule against the top competition at the AAA level across the United States and Canada

Off Ice Focus

  • Daily weight training program led by full time Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Emphasis on mobility, speed and strength
  • Individual and team video analysis using Instat and XO’s Catapult softwares
northstar knights pep talk