schooling options

NorthStar Knights Academic Platforms

There are two academic platforms that our students can choose their classes from with the help of our academic counselors. The first is through Liberty University Online Academy and the second is through Edgenuity. Both of these options are NCAA compliant and they allow our students the ability to graduate with a Northstar Christian Academy diploma.

enhanced class options

At Northstar Christian Academy we offer Enhanced Classes through Liberty University Online Academy. These classes have live, dedicated teachers and meet weekly. These classes are particularly helpful for those students who learn best with a live instructor.

Each week these students will be required to attend their live classes and complete all assigned assignments. Our academic staff works with our coaching staff to ensure practice and class times are properly coordinated to minimize
missed live classes.

college class options

At Northstar Christian Academy we also offer the opportunity for dual enrollment classes and a chance for our students to take and earn college credits while in high school. These classes are designed for our juniors and seniors (and any 5th year seniors) that want to get a jump on earning their college credits.

Like our Enhanced Classes, these classes are also online and have live as well as recorded components. This option is great for our older players, especially those who are looking to play juniors prior to attending college.


At Northstar Christian Academy we offer online classes through two platforms Liberty University Online Academy and Edgenuity. These online platforms and classes are chosen based on student interest and graduation requirements. Each class works at percentage goals for each week. Please see further down the page for specifics.

04-classroom atmosphere

At Northstar Christian Academy we currently have three dedicated classrooms that our U16 and U18 teams are divided into.

Each classroom has a full-time proctor who helps monitor classroom academic time, assists with organization and planning of the students, and even assists with certain academic requirements that our students need help with.

To assist our students in the classroom, we require each student to have sound canceling headphones to help them properly concentrate on their work.

05-academic progress

Each of our students are required to meet a certain academic percentage (%) point in each of their classes each week. By monitoring academic progress, it ensures that students will finish their academic classes on time, instills time management skills, and holds them accountable to be working hard in the classroom. Below is the academic progress requirements in order to play in each weekends games

Semester Long Classes (7%) each week
Full Semester Classes (3.5%) each week
Enhanced Classes (All assignments must be completed)

Our Program also plans daily academic sessions while the team is on the road that are monitored by our coaching staff. Additionally, we provide tutoring for students if needed by third party teachers who love to work with our Knight players.